English yoga classes in Heidelberg

We are running yoga classes and courses at locations around Heidelberg. You have any questions, please get in touch: info [at] or 0049 157 58932885.

Yoga Zentrum Heidelberg: One class per week. See below.
Ganesha Yoga LoungeOne class per week. See below.
TARAB: Zentrum for Oriental Dance: Once class per week. See below.
DAI-Heidelberg: Workshops every month. See below.
Breidenbach StudiosOver the summer months Josh is also offering donation-based outdoor yoga classes in the garden at Breidenbach Studios. To see events visit our Facebook page.

Current course times:

Yoga Zentrum Heidelberg
Morning Yoga Glow
Kick start your day with a short, energising yoga class. Each class will offer a flowing sequence of movements designed to invigorate the body, improve core strength, balance and flexibility. Elements of mindfulness will be woven into each class, including a short meditation at the end. Suitable for people with average fitness.

Thursday: 20:00-21:30
Ganesha Yoga Lounge
Mindfulness Yoga
A gentle yoga class focused on exploring our inner landscape and awareness. Suitable for people with average fitness.

Friday: 17:30-19:00
Bodhi Yoga
Bodhi means “awakening”, and during this class we will be awakening to a far deeper experience of our bodies.We will explore the “four foundations of mindfulness”, and how these apply to dynamic yoga. Each class will include movements that challenge, enliven and relax the body, before trying soothing meditations from the mindfulness tradition. Suitable for beginners and people with average fitness.
Please bring a proper yoga mat. Camping mats are not suitable.